30 Ways To Lose a Pound: Tip #6


I remember back when I was a teen this sweet overweight co-worker of mine said, “Kid, the best advice I can give you to stay skinny is to not eat while you are cooking!” :) And you know what, I think about that advice every time I cook! Sure, you need to test food for taste or doneness but don’t eat half a meal before you even sit down to eat! When I cook meals that I know I’ll want to devour, I try to chew on gum. It seems to help.

The other thing I noticed, as parents, is that we have a tendency to want to finish our kids’ plates when they don’t eat everything. It’s that whole mindset that we hate to waste food. Either give them less to start with or start your plate off with less. If you have less and they don’t finish, by all means, eat away! :)

To sum it up, every calorie counts. It doesn’t take much to add another 500 calories to our daily count by nibbling. Which means—another dreaded pound on the scale at the end of the week! So be alert to what you are “sneaking.” :)

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