30 Ways To Lose A Pound Tip # 26

Tip # 26 – Downgrade Your Milk A Level Or Two

I had read this one somewhere—that if you currently drink 2% to switch to 1% or 1% to Skim etc—and I wondered what the calorie difference added up to. Well, here’s what could happen if you went from 2% to Skim Milk (Yes, I know…two “levels”) :)

1 cup of 2% Milk = 130 Calories

1 cup of Skim Milk = 90 Calories

I know what you are saying, only a 40 Calorie difference? But look at it this way—there are 16 cups in 1 gallon. That’s a 640 Calorie difference per gallon! You can see how this can add up over time!

When I first switched years back, the Skim tasted like watered down milk. But I decided to switch slowly and go from 2% to 1% then to Skim and I didn’t mind it so much. It’s all I drink now–well, that and Soy Milk! :)