30 Ways To Lose A Pound Tip # 25

Tip #25 – Use Plain Low-Fat Yogurt In Recipes Instead of Mayonnaise or Sour Cream

There are some recipes that you can switch out mayonnaise or sour cream for plain low-fat yogurt and not taste much of a difference. It’s kind of a hit or miss game as to which taste good or not. But here’s the calorie difference:

1/4 cup of Mayonnaise – 229 Calories

1/4 cup of Regular Sour Cream – 123 Calories

1/4 cup of plain low-fat Yogurt – 30 Calories

Wow, huh? 199 Calorie difference for Mayonnaise and 93 Calorie difference for sour cream! You can see how that can add up over time! (If nothing else, it’s one less 100 Calorie snack that you have to “work off.”)