Where Was I Today?

Over the past 9 years, (dating/married) my husband and I have always gone to at least one Cubs game each year. Some people may choose expensive dinners out, vacations or fancy things, but this is our one “splurge” that we always allow ourselves. I always have such a great time at the game and on the ride there and home with him.

We’ve bought tickets in about every section possible – upper/lower deck, dugout, bullpen, bleachers, bleacher box…but we’ve never bought Rooftop tickets and always wanted to. But they are so expensive and are usually sold in groups. Well, thanks to a site called Groupon, Rich was able to get a crazy deal on two Rooftop tickets that included all-you-can eat and drink! For those of you that aren’t from Chicago or Cubs fans, here’s a picture of some Rooftop seats, way up there on top! :

Basically, you get all the treatment and perks of a Skybox ticket at an event but you get to be outside, too! And the view was amazing…

And the food….dynamite! Since we were so wrapped up in getting the kids ready to go to Nana and Papa’s, neither of us had breakfast so we were starving. I started off with half a gourmet wrap with grilled veggies and some chicken wings for the appetizer. (They had sooo many wraps to choose from!) And then, on to “lunch”….

A chicken sandwich grilled on this incredible outdoor grill. They had a condiment bar that was the size of most places salad bar. So I also had some watermelon, potato salad and pickles! We were there for four hours–so I also had part of a hotdog and more watermelon later. (I could have eaten everything! They had choices of Italian Beef/Sausage, Hamburgers, BBQ Pork & Chicken Sandwiches and Hot Dogs) Just when I thought I couldn’t eat another bite, Rich surprised me by bringing back this plate of yummies…

Oreo pie, caramel apple pie bars and brownies. (Did I die and go to dessert heaven?) We ate so much and since Nana fed Nathan, I didn’t even have to cook supper! BONUS!

We had the best time. It was the PERFECT Mother’s Day gift and a date all in one. And let me tell you, it was so refreshing to get some sun, enjoy a baseball game and let myself enjoy some great food. (Yes, I will be working out like crazy to ward off any extra pounds but for tonight…I’m just relaxing!)

The kids had a great day at N&Ps. And Nathan got to help Papa garden. I’m hoping since Papa has TWO green thumbs, that Nathan picked up some good tips for Mommy!

The only bad part of the day? The Cubs lost, breaking a 5-day winning streak they had going. BUT to their defense, they did not have most of their usual players in. (They, too, were getting a much needed day of rest/relaxation!) It was great to see a new player, who had been in the minors for 11 years, play for the first time in the Majors today. And when he got to score a run, the crowd stood on their feet and cheered him on!

So, that’s where I was today. Enjoying a great gift and a perfect day with my hubby. Isn’t he sweet? :)

So while they definitely made money on my drinks (I only had two Sprites), overall we got plenty money’s worth! We ordered the tickets awhile back so our out-of-pocket cost for the day was $29.60…the price of two tickets on Metra and the L to get to the game, but we saved on gas $$ that way! “A day out with the hubby and memories for a lifetime…PRICELESS!”

But what will we do on Mother’s Day? Rich has agreed to get our garden area ready for Nathan and I to put in our plants. A little family fun!

Thank you to my sweet hubby for a great date and Mother’s day gift! XOXO