Website: Bogo Fetcher

So here’s a pretty cool site that you may want to add to your list of things to check out before you shop. It’s called BOGO Fetcher. It’s simple to use. You just choose your state and type in your city and boom, you get a list of a bunch of BOGOs in your area. Want them emailed to you? Use the link here.

This is a GREAT site for couponers because matching coupons with BOGOs can easily add up to great savings. BUT, just make sure that the regular price of the item is reasonable. You may be able to find it discounted cheaper elsewhere or wait for a better deal.

Thank you for sharing, David! You can also read more info about BOGOs on his blog here.

NOTE: I live in a small town so I listed the “big” city that I shop at and several came up for me at various stores.