Sunday Paper Notables

Please Note: These could be completely regional deals but I just want to give you a heads up so you don’t throw these out in case they are in your paper. With that said…

Parade Insert – Two coupons for Chicago Tribune version. $1 off Healthy Ones Lunch Meat and $3 off Mall Cop DVD

USA Weekend Insert – $.50 off one Viva Big Roll and $1 off Viva Towels 6-pack

Lowe’s Ad – The Chicago Tribune I bought yesterday had a Lowe’s booklet with $10 off $50 and $25 off $250 project starter coupons. The one I we get delivered did not. So I’m hoping you DO get a Lowe’s Ad with one! :)

Quiznos Coupon Page – The better coupons–FREE Toasty Torpedo w/ Toasty Torpedo Combo and 50% off a Toasty Torpedo w/ a second Toasty Torpedo. Note: Toasty Torpedo is $4 every day.

There are a few Wii games coming out Tuesday, May 19th. Here are some deals on both of them:

Toys R Us – $10 gift card with EA Sports Active purchase (also at select Babies R Us locations)

Best Buy – $10 gift card with EA Sports Active purchase

Target – A Target Exclusive – Wii Punchout w/ Nunchuk for $54, a $19.99 value. (Game w/o Nunchuk is $49.99, that is not exlusive.) – If you are planning on going to Ft. Lauderdale, book your hotel room HERE and get a FREE Beach Starter Kit.

Did you get any special offers in your papers/ads?