New Series: Conveniently At Home & My Goals

My grandmother was one of those people where a bus load of people could show up at her door unexpectantly and she’d dig out some flour and pull together a bunch of ingredients and boom, everyone’s eating this amazing homemade meal. She never measured anything. She knew exactly which spices to add to make the perfect taste. And I wish I had spent more time learning from this genius of a cook (and woman!) I had posted how making convenience foods on your own can help to save money on your grocery budget. Well, this new series, called Conveniently At Home, is my attempt to transform my style of cooking into one of more of a homemade nature. I’d love to someday be the amazing cook, like my grandmother. But for now…baby steps. I dream of someday living off a huge garden in my backyard that I’ll can/preserve and only need to buy simple basics, like meats, flour, eggs, butter, etc. (I don’t quite envision myself raising chickens, turkeys, pigs or cattle!) :)

Here are a few of the items that I am going to work on making first. While I’m not good enough, YET, to come up with my own recipes, I will share those that I find. So, here are my first set of goals:

~Pancakes & Waffles
~Pizza Dough & Sauce
~Spaghetti & Alfredo Sauces
~Homemade Bread
~Homemade Soups of all Kinds…especially:
*Beef Veggie
*Chicken/Turkey Noodle
*Stuffed Green Pepper
~Creamed Soups
~Homemade Egg Noodles (My grandmother’s specialty!)
~More Pastas (I can already make tortellini. Can you believe it?!)
~Amazing Gravys
~Jams & Jellies

Latest Additions
~Pies! (I usually just stick to cookies.)

Well, that’s just the start. If any of you have any great recipes to share, please, leave a comment with the recipe and/or a link to your blog.

In the end, I hope that my grocery store pictures start turning into more of basic ingredients and less of pre-made anything.

Is there anything “homemade” that you are wanting to learn how to make?

NOTE: Like the image for this posting? I found it HERE. They sell the cutest things at this site! I am going to have to convince my sister to make me an apron with it! :) I just wanted to use it so you see what cool things are at this site. I’ll have a new one going forward.