New 9AM Tip Series & What’s Happening in June

So I went to get dressed to play outside with the kids and I was almost depressed by my choices–maternity shorts or “not being able to breathe shorts.” Yes, I am still not back into my “old clothes,” yet. I probably have a pair or two of pants/shorts to wear that are “in-between.” I know…9 months on, 9 months off…but hey, it’s summer, I’m ready to be fit again! :) And the thought of having to buy a new swimming suit…not appealing!

I know that if I work at it just a little bit, I can be back into my old clothes in no time. So, I’m on a mission. A mission of “Fit Back Into My Clothes!” So I’ve got a few things planned for June.

1) At 9AM every day, I’ll share with you a tip I’ve found online, in a book/magazine, heard on the radio, etc that will eventually help us to lose a pound.

2) Every day at 5PM CST, I’m going to put out a “It’s 5PM, do you know where your health is?” posting. This is just a reminder that the day is drawing to a close and we should make sure we have tried to get in a little exercise and/or haven’t indulged on too many unhealthy foods. (This is like WGN’s nightly–It’s 9PM, Do You Know Where Your Kids Are?)

3) Every Friday, I’ll update you on my week as far as fitness and how I found ways to avoid the “snack attack.” We’ll call this one, “Friday’s Follow-Up: Fitting Into My Clothes.”

4) On June 30th, my giveaway for that week is going to be a $25 Visa Gift Card so that one of my lucky readers can go on a mini-shopping spree—whether you lose so much you need SMALLER clothes or maybe just something to treat yourself to for putting your health as a top priority.

I’m hoping that you will join me in saying, “NO!” to having to buy new (bigger)clothes–and yes, to fitting back into those old and beloved ones we already have. (And in the end…saving us some money!)

I am also happy to tell you guys that my knees have fully recovered and I am starting fresh with my 5K training again. I think I found a few mistakes I made the first time so it should go better this time around.

Here’s to June….and a healthier YOU!

(Disclaimer: As always…check with your physician before starting any new or more strenuous exercise program. We want you healthy AND safe!)

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