Lifetime TV Shows To Check Out

For those of you with the Lifetime TV channel, here are a couple TV shows worth checking out.

Cook Yourself Thin – They take recipes and make them healthier. The one episode I watched, they took a 3,000 calorie meal plan for one day and changed it into 1,200 calories. They then follow their one guest and 6 weeks later, they check back to see if she’s lost a dress size. They also have a book out called Cook Yourself Thin Cookbook, but I haven’t checked it out from the library yet. This one is on at 4:00 and 4:30 CST. While you may not be completely crazy about all the recipes, it might give you helpful ideas on how to make your dishes healthier, too.

Army Wives – This one doesn’t start back up until June 7th and airs on Sunday evenings at 9PM CST. It’s similar to a Desperate Housewives type show but based on the lives of Army Wives and Army Women.

Just in case you were looking for some shows to watch over the summer.