Couponing Fun

So last Friday, I babysat my neighbor’s son for the day. It was great having him over to hang out with Nathan, since he’s 3 (and Nathan’s 2.) When my neighbor came to pick him up, she asked what she owed me and I said, “Nothing.” She didn’t seem to want to go for that answer so I said, “Hey, you give me all your extra coupons each week, you save me $$. Let me return the favor.”

It got me thinking, hmmm, what else could we do for coupons? “I’ll mow your grass if you print me out some Kashi Waffle Qs!” :)

Remember that old 80s flick called, “Mr. Mom.” There’s a scene where he’s playing cards with the ladies and they are using coupons as “winnings.” I picture this week’s…I’ll raise you ALL my Kraft coupons! (Gasps!)

Anyway, I just wanted to say that let coupons be fun, too. Surprise a friend and mail her/him some great coupons for deals you know they use and say, “Hey, just wanted to brighten your day!”

Pass on the coupon love, help out a friend and have some fun!! We get enough stress over complicated coupon policies and some grumpy cashiers (and people standing in line behind us!)