Coupon Geek Site In Transition

As you can tell, the Coupon Geek site has switched over to the new design that I had given you a heads up was coming. I’m going to be in “transition mode” for most of the day getting everything in the right place, as far as my sidebars. So my sincerest apologies if you have trouble finding things this morning.

My new design is courtesy of Lindsey Joy Design. She’s not only a fabulous designer, but the most wonderful person to work with! I highly recommend her if you are in need of a blog facelist or for any other design needs.

Blogging is a hobby for me. I never started off doing it for extra income but it’s always been an outlet for me to help and connect with others while continuing to be a SAHM. If I make a few extra pennies here and there, it’s just a bonus. But my biggest payout and reward is just helping people save money or to find inspiration for something in their life that they’ve been wanting or needing to do.

So I wanted a more contemporary and fun design to the blog. Lindsey was so great in coming up with that look for me. I hope you enjoy it!

Like most new designs, this is built to work with the newest versions of IE and Firefox. If you are having issues seeing things after it loads, more than likely you are running a more outdated version and may want to consider finding one of their free downloadable upgrades. (We actually just switched ours to IE 8.0 recently)

Thank you for being patient with me during this transition and I apologize if it results in more limited postings today. The goal of the new design was to help you more easily find the deals and resources I’ve listed. So in the end, a missed day of postings should bring you more deals. :)

Thank you to Lindsey of Lindsey Joy Design for all of your hard work and amazing creativity! It was absolutely wonderful working with you!