Blogger Issues – Sorry The Site Was Down!

There I was just updating an old posting to “Deal Ended, ” and boom, my site was unaccessible. Much to my sadness, NO ONE could access it. I was like, Whoa! What did I do?! I was glad to see I wasn’t the only Blogger client with the same issue. But I found how to temporarily fix it until they correct their widget problem.

For those of you still down, go back to your dashboard (You may have to sign in from Click on Layout. Then View Blog. Or Layout/Edit Html/View Blog. Just keep trying until it unlocks. Mine only took once.

Believe it or not, I spent 8.5 years de-bugging system and Internet upgrades for the company I worked for. The I.T. world is a smooth and calm place until something breaks. Then it’s chaos! People constantly asking, “When’s it going to be fixed?” and the person who programmed the glitch is typing faster than the speed of light to fix it and sweating bullets hoping they don’t get fired. Or the quality control person (me) was sweating hoping the programmers could fix their glitches that I didn’t catch before too many sales were lost. So, while I was frustrated with Blogger, I was still understanding! It happens. :)

Sorry to those of you that weren’t able to get on the site for bit. Hopefully it’s clear skies for awhile now.

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