Saving Money Challenge: Count Me In!

The great thing about following other blogs is sometimes you get to share in an idea from them or better yet, a kick in the rear to do those things you have been thinking about doing. I’ve been looking at my stockpile for months, saying, I really should live off my stockpile for awhile and just buy little things here and there. And while I have gotten my grocery budget low, I can also get my personal spending budget even lower! (Asking myself, do I really need more stuff or do I really need to “treat myself” to all these fun events?!!)

A few weeks back, I was checking out my fellow Chicagolander Annie’s blog and saw that she was participating in a Saving Money Challenge started on Frugal Makes Cents. I’ve been watching their postings and having fun seeing how they are saving money and also seeing how much they can do on so little. Rich and I were doing really good about this before Kaydi’s birth. The whole two kids transition seemed to take us off course a little. But…I’m ready to get back to business! So ladies, count me in for the challenge!

I’m planning on starting this on Friday, May 1st. The challenge is simple, folks. Watch. Every. Penny. Now do not read that as Have. No. Fun. :) It just means you get to be a little creative! You’d be surprised on how much fun you can have for next to nothing! And the summer is the perfect time for it!

I’ll get up a list of my “exceptions” and my overall plan. But I just wanted to throw out this challenge to all of you to consider. You can follow some of the fun others have had with it here and here.

It’s seems like not a week goes by that I don’t hear of a neighbor, friend or family member that has lost their job or has been hit with a hardship. The economy’s tough and I’m hoping that by living on the cheap/free and sharing my findings/adventures with you that it might somehow help those of you that have been hit hard by the economy, too or are having a hard time making ends meet. Or even for those of you that are like us and are working the last of that debt off! (Or even those that want to begin working off debt!) :)

For those of you that also want to do the challenge but fear you can’t live off a little, you can get inspiration from reading all the Frees, Cheapies and Money-Makers here. (I especially love the “What’s Free This Week” and “$.50 or Less Shopping” weekly postings!)

And if you think your family can’t have fun for very little, check out what the restaurants/businesses have been offering here and some free events here. (And I haven’t even gotten a birthday club list up yet!) And don’t forget, the freebies you can get here to help your budget a little or at least bring you a fun surprise in the mailbox.

I’m also starting up a series on Friday for 31 Ways to Save on Your Grocery Budget. (You can also see my update for what’s to come in June and July!) I’ll also start getting back into the habit of posting my “$2 Tater Thursdays,” which are the fun things that Nathan (and now Kaydi!) and I do for $2 or less. You can see some past ones here and here.

So I’m hoping that you will all take a deep look into your shopping/spending habits and your current budget and ask yourself…Can I do better? (Or if you dare, ask yourself the question that I did…Where will my current habits take me in 5 years? Will I really meet my debt-free goal?)

I’ll update you with my overall plan soon! And thank you to Annie and Frugal Makes Cents for your inspiration to others! :)

UPDATE: Check out the list of bloggers participating in Precious’ (Frugal Makes Cents) sidebar. You might get some wonderful ideas to help you out!

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