Are Surveys Worth It?

I know a lot of you don’t have your own blogs but are still interested in earning a little extra $$. Maybe just some small change to pay for diapers or a small family vacation somewhere close to home. One option is to do surveys for varying companies. But are they worth it? Some yes, some no.

Of all the survey companies that I participated in, My Survey was by far my favorite one. Once I reached my required points, I received my check within a week. They didn’t take out any “processing fees” like some of the companies do. Every dollar I earned, I got. What I liked best about them is that they tell you how many points each survey is worth and even if you don’t “qualify” for the survey and are done in a few minutes, they still give you the full points value for your time.

I also received some GREAT products to test. Can you believe one was a FREE package of Pampers? That was a great day when it showed up at my door. :) I also tested a frozen smoothie that isn’t even on the market yet. (So I can’t disclose who it was from!)

But there are sooo many great survey companies to try. This was just my favorite of the few I tried. If you are really interested in surveys and want to know which ones are thumbs up, Moms By Heart has a GREAT article here of the ones she’s tried, what she thought of each and some great tips for making surveying successful.

If you put aside just a small amount of time each day/week to work on them, surveys can earn you that little extra money you are looking for.

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