Week in Review: Jewel, Target & CVS Trip

This week, I actually made two trips! Sunday, our Jewel has a crazy one day sale so I stopped there, Target and CVS to make the most of my gas money. Then Tuesday, our local store put out some great coupons, good there for one week only. So I went out to grab the items before they were gone! Here’s what I got:

2 Jimmy Dean Turkey Products
2 Boxes of Pop-Tarts
1-4.3lb of Jennie-O Premium Turkey Breast
1-5lb of Jennie-O Premium Turkey Breast
6 Blocks of Jewel Cheese
1 Bag of Tostitos
1 Yoplait Yo-Plus
1-6pk of 7Up Bottles (not pictured)
1-8lb bag of Oranges
3lbs of Bananas
Total: $10.21. (Used $20 in OYNO coupons) I also got a raincheck for the Starkist Tuna deal here.

2 Hillshire Farms Lunchmeat
3 Yoplait Plus Yogurts
1 pkg of construction paper
1 business card holder (to be used for this here)
3 recipe card holders
1 filing tote bag (holds file folders)
1 children’s book (for Easter basket)
1 monkey rug (Nathan bought all monkey stuff w/ $2 Tater Thursdays money)
1 monkey pillow
1 monkey journal
3 farm animals (for Easter basket)

Total: $29.82. Most of this expense came from the filing tote bag. This purchase broke down like this: $4.50 from groceries, $22.32 from personal/Tater’s $ and $3 from holiday $.

1 Carnation Instant Breakfast
1 Musical Giraffe (for Nana’s Mother’s Day gift from Kaydi)
1 Kotex
1 Self Magazine (full of CVS coupons!)
1 Crayola Valentines (A $.35 project later!)

Total: $1.26. Earned $4.99ECBs. (I had to use $10ECB that I realized was expiring!)
See other CVS Superstars here!

Local Grocery Store
3lbs of apples
5lbs of grapes
1 gallon of milk
3 bottles of Xtra Detergent (never tried it but for $1 each, I’ll try it!)
1 bag of Azteca flour tortillas
1 dozen large eggs
1 box of cookies
2 boxes of Frosted Flakes
5 Oscar Meyer Bolognas
1-96oz. of Minute Maid Orange Juice

Total: $25.81. I also got a raincheck for Armour Meatballs so I can use the Free pasta coupon I got in Sunday’s paper.

Grand Totals:
Personal/Holiday- $25.32
Grand Total Spent-$67.10. This is for weekly groceries/stockpile, household items, Easter basket items, organizational tools for kitchen/office and Tater’s own spending.
Total “Savings”-$99.32. Earned $4.99ECB, CVS Coupons and picked up 2 great rainchecks.

Still not the best trip but I’ll take it. :)