6 Month’s for $1.97 at is currently selling a 6 month card for for only $1.97 here. (Normally $60 a quarter!) There is also a 3-month membership for $.97 here.

What is Next Fitness? NextFitness is the world’s first fitness program that utilizes over 60 world-class trainers and your music to serve up customized audio workouts. They have the largest exercise database in the world waiting to use for your fitness goals.

The first time you log in to NextFitness, you’ll fill out a quick Fitness Profile. This allows us to team you up with a trainer and program that is best suited to help you reach your goals (or, you can choose one yourself if you’d like). Then, simply select one of your own music playlists and NextFitness automatically mixes the music with your audio workout. You get a personal trainer on your MP3 player, wherever and whenever you like, and your workouts change over time. When you come back to NextFitness after a workout to mix your next session, you can give feedback that directly changes your next workout; every workout keeps getting smarter, more tailored to you, and more satisfying.

Sounds pretty cool to me! :) You can read a review on it here.

Thanks, slickdeals!