Jewel: Don’t Miss Out On Cheese!

For those of you that missed my previous posting or forgot…Jewel has a crazy cheap deal on cheese right now. I will be forever grateful to Clair for sharing the deal with us here.

This is one of the easiest deals to run, as you don’t need coupons! I’ve truly been a geek this week calling up EVERYONE I know going…Go to Jewel and get cheese! (Eh…they’re used to me by now!) :)

So here’s the “Cliff Notes” on the deal…buy up 7 bags of Kraft 2% Shredded Cheese for $14, get a $10 and a $3 OYNO coupon. Yup, 7 bags of cheese for $1! Think you won’t use 7 bags…freeze some and use it in casseroles, chili, etc. Cheese has a long expiration life!

The deal works with brick cheese and regular Kraft cheese, as well. You just have to make sure that of the 7, four are Kraft 2% Cheese in order to get that $3 Coupon.

The sale price (2/$4) ends March 15th so you still have time. And don’t forget…most Jewels accept Walgreens Register Rewards! I’ve been buying diapers and using the $10RR to buy cheese all week! :)