Blog DIY Series: How to Create a Posting In Blogger

If you missed the last segment on how to create a blog, click here. This segment is on how to create a posting in Blogger. So the first thing you must do is log back in to Blogger if you aren’t already there.

1) Click on “New Post” either at the top of the screen, if you are on your homepage or under your blog in dashboard. This will take you to the “Posting” main tab.

2) Click on the Create button.

3) You’ll see at the top a field called “Title.” This is where you’ll enter the title for your posting. (Your title should be descriptive yet catchy enough that people will want to click through to it.)

4) You’ll also see a bunch of icons at the top of the posting under the tab “Edit Html.” Edit Html is a way to type your posting and also be able to view all the coding that goes with it, such as bold coding or links etc. Here’s what they all do:

a) b = This is the bold feature. It will bold the text that you have highlighted with your mouse.

b) i = This is the italics feature. It will put the text that you have highlighted with your mouse in italics.

c) Globe-shape = I always think this looks like a globe, so that’s what I call it. :) This is your insert link feature. When you want a word/phrase to link to another site, you’ll highlight it and use this feature to add the URL. (We’ll go over more later.)

d) – This is the block quote feature. It will put the text that you have highlighted with your mouse in it’s own indented area, making it look blocked off from the other text

e) ABC check mark – This is your spell check feature.

f) Scenic icon – This is what you use to add a picture to your posting.

g) Filmstrip icon– This is what you use to add a video clip to your posting. (I’ve never used this one.)

h) Preview – This is what you click to get a preview of what your posting will look like. After you click on it, it will then say Hide Preview. That’s what you’ll click to get back to your posting screen.

There’s also a tab called “Compose.” Here’s what features are there:

a) Font dropdown – This is where you can change the fonts of your text.
b) TT– This is where you can change the size of your text.
c) T Colored Box – This is how you can change the color of your text.
d) Four lined icons – These are all various alignments you can use to indent, center, (etc) your text.
e) 1-2-3-This is a tool you can use to create a numbered list within
your posting.
f) dot/dash icon – This is a tool you can use to create a bulleted list within your posting.
g) Eraser icon– This is how you can remove any of these features you’ve added.

You can toggle back to Edit Html by clicking that tab.

At the bottom of the posting screen, you’ll also see “Post Options.” If you click there, it will open up these features:
a)Reader Comments – With options of Allow, Don’t allow, show existing, Don’t allow, hide existing
b) Post date and time – These fields can be altered.

Next to Post Options, you’ll see “Labels For This Post.” Next to that is an empty box and then the words “Show All.” The labels box is a way of grouping your postings so others can find similar postings to that subject. If you click on one of these under a posting, it will take you to all postings with that label. It will also create a unique URL (link) that you can use for your horizonal menu bar later.

By clicking Show All, you’ll get a listing of all of the labels you have previously used. This is nice in case you forget exactly how you labeled one and so you don’t have to type them all if you are adding multiple labels. Just click on the ones you want added and they’ll be put in the box.

At the very bottom of the screen, there are “Publish Post” and “Save Now” buttons, along with a “Return to list of posts” option.

As soon as you click on “Publish Post,” your posting will be visible on your blog. If you aren’t quite finished with your posting or want to wait to publish it, click the “Save Now.” button. You’ll see it update the phrase “Draft saved” to the time. (The system also auto-saves it for you in case of an outage, etc.)

Don’t worry if you post something you meant to save. You can go into the “Edit Post” tab, copy it, delete it and paste it into a new posting! Also, if you accidently leave the posting window, your posting will be saved under “Edit Post” as a “draft.” You can either go back in and finish your posting or delete it.

Next to the Create and Edit posts options, you’ll see a “Comment Moderation.” This is where you’ll go to either accept or reject comments that were added to your postings by readers. (That is, if you’ve set your blog to require this feature.) If there aren’t any comments, it will say, “No Unmoderated Comments Found.” Otherwise the comments will be listed and you can choose to accept or reject them.

These are all of the tools and features for postings. There are a few “advanced” options that I will go over, though, as I frequently get questions on them.

Q:How do you change the word “here” to link to another website?
1)First, go to the site that you want to link to. With your left mouse button, click the URL (link/web address) to highlight it. Then Right Click and choose Paste.
2)Now go back to your posting. With your mouse, click and hold the left button and drag it over the word “here” to highlight it.
3)Next, click the “globe icon.” (It may pop-up with a window at the top saying,”This website is using a scripted window….” Select the “allow scripted windows” option. You’ll then have to select the “globe icon” again.)
4)Right click on your mouse and select paste to add the URL (link) of where you want the word “here” to take the readers. And choose “OK.”

Q: How do you make a link open up with a new window so the readers aren’t taken away from your blog?
A: This is easy but tricky to explain. :) Once you have mastered the above steps of switching the word “here” with a link (or any other word/phrase other than “here”) you can do this.
1) In front of the word here, you’ll see a > symbol. Click in front of it so your cursor is now blinking there.
2) Next you’ll want to insert this coding: target=”_blank”
3) Make sure you add in the quote marks and underscore mark. That’s it. A new window will now be created.

Just a note, if you are on your homepage, you may see a pencil shaped icon underneath your posting. If you click that feature, it will take you directly into that specific posting so you can edit it.

I hope you are following along OK. If not, please email me and I’ll can see if I can help you out. The next lesson will be over more specialty things on postings.

Thank you for stopping by Coupon Geek! I value my readers and their advice, tips and comments. Please remember that Coupon Geek is a positive, family-friendly and upbeat site when leaving your comments.


  1. Donna says

    hi. IM trying to follow your DIY series on Blog. Im on this section now (2) Next you’ll want to insert this coding: target=”_blank” ) but i couldn.t find that symbol after mny word ‘here’. What am i doing wrong? Thanks

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