Wordless Wednesdays: Sisters Being Silly

This one’s better with a little background info so…not so wordless today. :)

When my 2 sisters, Mom and I were shopping for my wedding dress years ago, we stopped and had lunch. My Mom went to take a picture of Kristy and me and the goof puffed out her cheeks last moment. I jokingly hit her saying it was supposed to be a memory for the photo album. :)

So then we were at her bridal shower dinner this past August with just the four of us. Once again my Mom decided to get a picture. Right before the flash, Kristy and I BOTH puffed out our cheeks. I guess she wasn’t going to let me “ruin” her moment either. :) We laughed and laughed.

Little did I know that these pictures would now hold the fondest memories despite not being serious.

She’s going to LOVE me for posting this! :)

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