Swag Bucks: Worth Checking Out!

Sometimes I feel so far behind the times or like I live under a rock! :) Time is so limited that I always fear adding one more thing to my plate. Email. Blogging. Twitter. Facebook. Surveys. The list goes on and on….Somedays it’s sooo overwhelming!

So when I heard about Swag Bucks, I was like, yeah, I can’t handle another thing! But when I kept seeing these free codes pop up online, I thought I’d check it out.

In one day, I earned 11 Swag Bucks and did nothing but register, found a few codes on blogs and won 5 more by using them as my search engine. You turn the Swag Bucks in for prizes. Example: 45 Swag Bucks (SB) will earn you a $5 Amazon Gift Card. (Oh, how I loooovvee Amazon! I’ve been ordering from them for years.)

I looked at it this way: even if I just collected codes on blogs throughout the year, I’d earn an easy $5. So I thought…maybe you’d all want to check it out, too?

Click here to register and read all the details.

And here are two Swagbucks codes I’ve found that MAY still be working: BirthdayBuck and HappySwagDay. If I find more codes, I’ll share them with you. But you have to be quick at adding them, as they expire quickly.