Monthly Themed Giveaways

I had such fun this last month doing some fitness giveaways that I decided to use my blog money and some of my personal money to make Tuesday an official Giveaway Day here at Coupon Geek. Each month, I’ll have special themes. Here’s what on the agenda for March-May:

March: Marching into Fitness – Since I chose to take an exercise hiatus, my goal is to bounce into March full-throttle again. Not only will there be a couple more fitness DVDs, but also some small exercise equipment. (Sorry folks…no treadmills or exercise bikes!!) :)

April: Books Bloom Imagination – This month’s focus is blooming your love for reading right along with the flowers blooming outside! Each week I’ll give away one book set- A book for you and a book/giftcard for your child. I’ll be blogging about some of my favorites and hoping you join in on Mommies Reading Monthly.

May: Gardening Grows Your Wallet – This month’s focus is using gardening to help you save $$. I’ll be giving away gardening-related items in the hopes of motivating you to start your own garden—even if it’s just some potted tomato plants on your deck! I’ll be sharing my gardening adventures and pictures and I’m hoping you will, too!

Hopefully you are as excited about these giveaways as I am. As I promised, any revenue earned through this blog, goes back into the blog. I’m just here for fun right now. Blogging is just my outlet for fulfilling that need to connect with people and help out while still focusing on my #1 priority – Being a Mommy!

Thanks for being such wonderful bloggy readers!