Help For New Couponers & Bloggers

I’ve been receiving some emails and comments lately from readers asking for various “helps” with couponing and blogging.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll be seeing some postings going up with information on how to coupon and how to create a blog. As I post these, I’ll add them on my right sidebar under “Info and How Tos.”

Veterans: I will still do my best to bring you the best deals/freebies etc during this time. But please be patient with me as I try to help out our soon-to-be new friends. The goal of “Coupon Geek” has always been to help others. I feel that it is important that I take this time to help out those that are just beginning to coupon and blog.

Newbies: Please also be patient with me. I’ll do my best to get these postings up as fast as I can. But it is more important to me that the postings have the most useful info. possible, which takes time to write up. I’m also doing this while taking care of my 2 year old, Nathan and my 3 month old, Kaydi. As you’ll soon learn, my family always comes first. :)

To provide you with the best series possible, I’d like to know what areas you are currently either struggling with or would like to learn more on. Please remember, I don’t claim to be an expert in either field, but I can teach you what I do know. I also have great friends that have offered to help when I get stuck. :)

So drop me a comment/email letting me know what you’d like to learn! (Click on Comments under this posting. Either log-in under your Google ID or choose Anonymous and just add your name on the comment.)

And thank you to all for stopping by Coupon Geek. I’m excited to meet you all! If you have any friends/family that have been wanting to learn how to coupon/blog, make sure you tell them to stop by and we’ll try and help them out, too!

Thank you for stopping by Coupon Geek! I value my readers and their advice, tips and comments. Please remember that Coupon Geek is a positive, family-friendly and upbeat site when leaving your comments.

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