Exercise Postings: Where Have They Been?

For about 5 weeks, I was making dedicated exercise postings on Fridays and sometimes on Tuesday. For the last almost two weeks, they’ve been missing. I came to the conclusion that I was juggling too many projects and until I finished some, I was going to have to use my “free time” to complete them. But just so you know, I haven’t fallen off the “exercise bandwagon.” :) Quite honestly, my focus towards exercise is even stronger. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

1)Running Prep – I did make my “first run” in my 5K training. I noticed some things that I needed to buy before I really started my training. So I’m waiting until March to start the 3 month training. In the meantime, I’ve picked up some runner’s headphones, water bottle holder and iPod armband. I’m hoping my run will be much smoother next time! I’ve also been reading up on runner’s nutrition.

2) Coupon Clipping – My fingers are near raw but I am finally caught up on coupons. (and then today’s papers came!) :) I hadn’t clipped since Kaydi was born in November. **gasp** It’s been a nightmare searching for coupons I needed and it was stressing me out. Once I get them (pictured above) sorted, I’ll put up the coupon organization method I use.

3) Budgeting – I needed to make my 2009 Budget spreadsheet. We were still following a budget but I wasn’t logging our actual expenses. I am so much better at budgeting when I can see week-by-week where we are. I’m excited to say that in a few weeks, we’ll be debt-free except for the house! :)

4) De-cluttering – Our closets had gotten cluttered since Kaydi’s arrival. I’ve switched out their clothes that were too small and my maternity clothes. I’ve also re-organized them. I just have the hallway closet left to go. Yippee!

So next Tuesday, you’ll see the exercise postings back in full swing. I’m hoping all of you are still on track but if not, you can start back up with me in March! And you thought my fitness nagging was finally over! :)

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