Blog DIY Series: It’s a Go! And Your First Assignment

It looks like there is an interest for the Blog DIY Series.

I’ll start this up next week but you have a very important first assignment. It’s actually one of the most important parts of your blog –creating your “identity.”

So over the next few days, think about what you’d like to name your blog and what you’d like to blog about.

How did I come up with mine?

I started blogging because I felt I was overloading my family/friend’s inboxes with too many “Look what I found” deals. My friend, Debbie, and I were constantly swapping deals with our other Mommy friends. They would always say, “You guys are a bunch of geeks” when we’d tell them we got hundreds of dollars worth of stuff for pennies. We’d all laugh and they’d pick up the deals sometimes, too, if they could. So the term “geek” became a term of endearment for us. Hence…that became my identity–Coupon Geek that shared deals and helped out friends.

So ask yourself two questions: What do I want to blog about–what will the main focus be? And what do you want to be identified as throughout the blogosphere or just between family/friends, if you only authorized them as viewers. (You do have that option.)

Once you find something you like, try typing it in to see if it’s available. ( Blogger will let you know if it’s available or not. If you have your heart set on being a .com later, go here to see if that name is available as a .com, too. (If not, they’ll give you other choices like a .net or an alternative name, etc.) But we’ll go into how to buy your domain name later.

Have fun brainstorming and we’ll continue on next week!