Frugal Gift: Christmas Photo Advent Calendar

There are a lot of free photo deals for when you sign-up for photo places. I thought this might be one idea to use them on. This was included in a Guest Posting I did for my friend Super Jenn. You can read more on my holiday traditions there. This is the newest one we’ve added:

To create Advent Calendar, you’ll need:

~25 Envelopes
~25 Photos
~Ribbons, Pom-poms, round gift tags, etc to decorate
~Glue Sticks
~Foam Board / Push-Pins

Label each envelope from 1-25. I used round gift tags for mine. Lay them out in the shape of a Christmas tree. Decorate as you wish. Ribbons can be glued across to appear as garland. Glittery Pom-Poms make great light bulbs. And a big, red bow could be used as the tree topper. To hang it up, use push-pins and attach them to foam board. Or, you can use just tape it to the wall. These make great gifts for Mamas and Nanas! This year, I got her a special photo album to put all the pictures in.