Week in Review: Samples Do Arrive!

It has been an endless stream of samples arriving over the last two weeks or so! I am loving going to the mailbox, now! This is just to show you that taking a minute to sign-up does pay off! Here’s what has arrived. A few aren’t pictured and I know I forgot a few others. (as we’ve used them)

Tampax Pearl Tampons
Medela BPA Free Breastmilk Bottle
Huggies Diaper Sample and Coupons
Pampers Diaper Sample and Coupons
Farmland Coupons – $9.70 Worth!
Fiber One Bar (not shown) and Cereal
Magic Eraser
Cascade Complete
Yogi Tea and Coupons
Schick Trimmer (Rich really likes this!)
Carvin DVD
Geo Trax DVD
“If My People” Prayer Guide
4 Banking Resources (some like comic books)
Carhartt Anniversary Hat (this one is sooo nice!)
2 Airborne Pixies samples and Coupons
Kashi Cookie
Dove Cream Oil
Neutrogena Grapefruit Scrub
2 Dunkin Donuts Coffee Samples (not pictured. Rich used them!)

If you’ve missed out, click here to sign-up for some. Some of the older posts may have expired, but it’s worth checking into!

Got any samples pictures to share? Feel free to leave a link in the comments or Mr. Linky!

Happy Sampling!