Tuesday Tip: Where’s That Sock?!

October 20, 2008 22:35 pm · 0 comments

It seems to happen with almost every laundry load…there’s always a sock missing! So we’ve tried to keep them in a separate pile in the drawer but they always seem to get mixed in with the others.

Simple Solution: Keep a Ziploc bag in every sock drawer and place the lonely little sock in there until its mate is found! Matching them up will be a cinch later.

Or, keep a separate container in the laundry room for the stragglers. This is always a good stand-by, but you end up having to dig through everyone’s socks rather than just that person’s.

The great thing about keeping them in the bags is, you’ll also have a better idea of how long it’s been in there and when it’s time to give up hope and pitch it. (or use it for cleaning!)

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