Family Fun: Hot Chocolate Cones Recipe

I was sent this recipe via Family Fun magazine. I thought it was a cute little twist on the typical gift jar recipes. It might make a simple and fun gift for your kids to bring to school for their classmates or for a party favor for a Christmas gathering you might have. Who doesn’t like hot chocolate?

RECIPE INGREDIENTS: (for each cone)
3/4 cup cocoa mix
2 (6- by 12-inch) cone-shaped cellophane bags (available at party stores)
2 clear rubber bands
1/4 cup mini chocolate chips
3/4 cup mini marshmallows
1 large red gumdrop

1. Pour the cocoa mix into one of the bags. Close the bag with a clear rubber band, then trim the end of the bag 1 inch above the band.

2. Place the cocoa-filled bag into the second bag and flatten its top so the end doesn’t stick up.

3. Layer the chocolate chips and the marshmallows, then top with the gumdrop. Secure the bag with the other rubber band.

For the link to the original recipe, click here. Link no longer available.