Week in Review: Playdate Shopping

I used my Register Rewards from Walgreens to pick up some things for our playdate, which helped for the items I didn’t have coupons for. I also picked up supper for us while I was out. Here’s what I got:

Gerber Bottle
2-8pks of Juice Box
Tyson Chicken Nuggets
Dog Treats (for the DOGS!)
Total= $7.62. Used $5GC. I also get a $5.25 rebate for the bottle

4 slices of pumpkin loaf
4 slices of strawberry cheesecake – reduced fat but we couldn’t tell!
Total= $0! I used a FREE gift card

Wags #1
Tostitos Scoops chips
Bottled Water
Total=$1.66. Used $10RR.

Wags #2
2 boxes of Dove chocolate bars
Playtex Cup (Nathan needed an upgrade!)
Sunsilk Shampoo (for sister)
Sunsilk Conditioner (for sister)
2 linkable pens (fillers)
Total=$1.12. Used $10RR.

SEVEN Floams (molding toys–parting gifts for the kids)
4 Sunlight Dishsoaps
1 Light-up toy for the kids to play with
1 Sandbox toy for the kids to play with
2 Greeting Cards (for upcoming events)
Total=$4.97. (I didn’t have ANY ECBs to use!) :(

Local Grocery Store
1 Gallon Milk
Chicken Breast Patties
1.5lbs. of Grapes
Black Beans
Kidney Beans
Taco Seasoning
Hamburger Buns
Total= $11.31

Grand Total is $26.68. I get a $5.25 rebate back making it $21.43 for a great playdate, supper, household items, baby items, shampoo/conditioner for my sister, groceries and greeting cards. Not too bad!

How did you do?

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