Simple Craft: Personalized Crayon Holder

When I was visiting my friend, Lisa, in Wisconsin, Nathan was fascinated with these frosting cups she had on her shelves. Little did I know, they had crayons inside. She said they were the perfect size for them…and she’s RIGHT! They make the BEST crayon holders. I wanted to make Nathan’s a little more personalized, so I came up with this:

You need:
~1 frosting container (obviously emptied) :)
~contact paper (sized a little bit longer than the container)
~Microsoft Word, some other equivelent program or simple stickers or magazine cut-outs.

For Nathan’s, I typed up his name in Word, changed the font colors to be a little more colorful and then added a graphic of a monkey on one side and a tiger on the other. (He’s really into these animals right now!) I couldn’t capture those in the picture since it’s cylinder. For those of you who want to do this but aren’t computer savvy, here’s how:

1)Open up Microsoft Word.

2)Under File/Page Set-up, change to Landscape. This will make the name wrap around.

3)Under Format/Font, you can choose the size of the letters (size), design of the letters (font) and their colors. (font color) To change each letter’s color, drag your cursor over each letter individually and change the font color for each one.

4)To add the graphics, go to Insert/Picture/Clip Art. Do a search on what you want a graphic for and double click on it to add it. You can resize it by clicking on the picture and dragging the sizing arrows.

5)Make sure you save your document and then print.

After printing, cut the personalization to fit the size of the container. Cut the contact paper a little longer than the personalization so you can wrap it to stick. The contact paper will keep the personalization from getting “goobered” up or from ripping.

That’s all! Nathan was very excited when I showed him his. He keeps pointing to the monkey and tiger (“kitty cat”.) If you have multiple kids, it’s a great way to keep each one’s crayons separate.

If you are on a tight Christmas budget, consider making one of these for kids on your list. Use the frosting to make treats for Christmas and the container for a very special present! And they don’t have to just be crayon holders. You can put anything inside them!

Thanks to, Lisa, for the initial frosting cup idea! We love it!!

Happy Crafting!!

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  1. Donna(mom24boyz) says

    That is so creepy to find this idea for me! Just last night I was reorganizing our craft closet. I homeschool and it is a vital part. Anyhow, our current holder for crayons is this metal bucket that has a torn handle(I am afraid it will cut the kids). I rummaged and rummaged around my house trying to find something that I could use to replace this bucket with. I closed the cabinet up and wrote on my “school supply list” that I need to buy a school box for crayons.

    So now I just need to make some cupcake instead! Thanks for the tip!

  2. coupongeek says


    How wonderful is that! What’s creepier is that something told me to post it there. I wasn’t quite sure if it was the most amazing frugal tip, but I thought someone might find it useful. I’m so glad you found it! The nice thing about these, too, is that they stack nice! Hope you have fun making yours! (and enjoying those cupcakes!!!)


  3. says

    I was using them for “canisters” in my cupboard. I had one that I was using for baking soda, things like that. They are small enough that they don’t get super heavy with stuff unless of course you fill it with rocks! 😉

  4. Jessica Barr says

    I think I might need to make some cupcakes too!!! Great idea…these would be handy in a scrapbook room or even for Dad out in the garage for those misplaced nuts/bolts etc….I think would be fun for the kids to decorate with foam stickers and could be made into a bank they could save their pennies in for a rainy day!!!

  5. Kristy says

    They would make a nice end of the year teacher’s gift. Decorate the container, fill it with dry beans, and then add flower pens (very easy to make). I did this one year with cheap plastic cups but this way the kids could make their own.

    You won’t need the lid but you could save it for another craft. One of my son’s teacher’s made Christmas ornaments out of the lids. She had the kids glue construction paper inside the lid, then a picture of themselves, punch a hole for hanging, and add a little glitter. It makes a very cute ornament that kids can make themselves.

  6. justjayma says

    What a clever idea! These would travel really well!

    We use empty frosting containers for freezer jam and mini first aid kids…will now add crayon holders to the list! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. coupongeek says

    No, just on computer paper. Then the clear contact paper goes over the top of that.

  8. says

    Ohhhh ok. I thought maybe you had printed on the white contact paper somehow like you would sticker paper. Thank you for this project idea, it is too cute!

  9. coupongeek says

    I wish I could have. I’m technically challenged. I would end up breaking my printer, I’m sure. :)

    Thanks for the compliments, Crystal. So glad you liked it!


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