Simple Craft: Lid Container Toy

Back when Nathan started eating more solid foods, the only pasta he would eat were those pasta Graduate meals from Gerber. I always wanted a way to re-use those colorful lids that came with them. One day, Rich emptied out the 13 oz Folgers plastic container and when I looked at it, it seemed about the same size opening. It’s a PERFECT fit! I washed up the container and soaked it to get the coffee scent out. I then started stuffing all the lids in the container. Once it was full, I gave it to Nathan to see what he thought. I am not kidding when I tell you that it became one of his favorite toys. At almost 20 months, he still loves to put the lids in and take them out. If there’s one thing I have learned about babies/toddlers it’s that the simpler the toy, the more they love it!

I wanted to “spruce” the outside up a little. I made a document in Word with images of shapes of all different colors. (triangle, circle, hexagon, star, etc.) I then attached it to the container with some contact paper. Now, not only does he have a cool toy, but it’s also a great learning tool.

If you are looking for a use for your Gerber lids (or know someone who has some) this is a simple toy to make. If you don’t make the outside scenery, it’s just a matter of cleaning up the lids/container!

Happy Crafting!

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