Dash & Dine: Pizza Pockets

Since there are only the three of us (Nathan eating as much as 1/2 a person), we always seem to have spaghetti sauce left over. Sure, we try to have pasta a few times for each jar but you get to the point where you can only eat so much of it! We also seem to have black olives and cheese left over from tacos. If I am not paying attention to what’s in the fridge, I’ll sadly have to throw these out!

Since I’ve become a big fan of my sandwich maker machine, I thought I’d try to make some pizza pockets for Nathan and I with these leftovers. (We would usually try to make “mini-pizzas” on English Muffins but we don’t seem to eat enough of them to make it worth the extra cost.) I wasn’t sure if the spaghetti sauce would make the bread too soggy but it worked, and tasted great!

Shredded Cheese
Spaghetti Sauce
Black Olives
Pepperoni Slices (if you have them-they keep in the fridge for quite awhile!)

Simply stack the ingredients on your bread and top with an extra layer of cheese. The sandwiches are great, as the sides seal and the toppings don’t fall out as much.

So if you have some leftovers, try to think of a creative way to make a new sandwich pocket! If you come up with a good one, make sure to leave it in the comments for us!


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