$2 Tater Thursdays – Making Guests Feel Welcome

My parents were coming in today from Iowa for a weekend stay. Since I wasn’t sure exactly when they’d be arriving, I didn’t want to stray too far from home. So Tater and I had our Tater Thursday at home. I told him our “adventure” for the day was learning how to make guests feel welcome when they visit.

The first thing we did was launder the sheets in the guest room. After the bed was made, we put the extra special touches on it. I like to call it the “mint on the pillow treatment.” For Nana, we left a box of pistachios and a can of cashews for Papa. We also left some CVS freebies for them to sift through. (Any leftovers would be donated.)

Next we went out to our carnation plant and picked flowers for Nana. We put them in a little cup for her on the table.

I had picked up some poster board during one of Walgreens’ great penny school sales. I put this on the floor with some fresh new crayons and put Nathan to work on some new artwork. When he was done, we cut a heart out for Nana and a handprint for Papa. (He calls Nathan his “five boy,” as no matter when you ask him, he’ll always drop what he’s doing if you ask him for a “high-five.”

Lastly, we made up a plate of fresh brownies to snack on. Nathan put in all the ingredients (except the egg) and stirred them up. And he had a great time watching them through the oven window.

Then we waited. And waited. And waited. (They didn’t show up until 7:30pm) When I saw they were here, I gave Nathan the heart he had made and he waited anxiously for Nana to come through the door. She was greeted with a hug, kiss and his artwork.

We may not have gone out to explore the world today but he did learn how to make his world at home special for those who visit him. All in all, we had a good time. We didn’t spend any money so our entire $2 will go into the end of the year fund.